Tamanend Park Pond News

Mallard duck

Tamanend Park has a spring-fed pond near the gazebo and the Friends, working with the Southampton Park and Rec embarked on a project to restore the pond.  A crucial first step was the removal of the pond life.  All of the animals and frogs were taken to the Churchville Nature Center.  Next, the pond was dredged and the drainage ditch was widened.  Then boulders and rocks were placed around the perimeter of the pond and daisies and purple coneflowers were planted. Finally an aerator was installed to help circulate the pond water. 


The Friends of Tamanend ask that visitors to the pond refrain from disturbing the plants or climbing on the rocks.


Many people like to feed the mallards or other waterfowl that may frequent the pond.  Visitors often bring a loaf of bread, chips, crackers or popcorn.  Please remember that waterfowl can fend for themselves.  Bread has very little nutritional value for waterfowl. Cracked corn is good as is wheat, barley or other grains, uncooked oats, milo or any birdseed, rice (cooked or uncooked), grapes cut in half, earthworms, frozen raw peas or corn, chopped lettuce or chopped vegetable peels.  


Another reminder:  Don't allow pets or children to chase the birds.



Photos courtesy of Ray Schwegel: