Circa 1740 Farmhouse
Tamanend Park Gazebo

Tamanend Park was originally part of the Lenni-Lenape domain.  From William Penn's grant of 500 acres to John Martin, the tract passed through many hands.  Southampton resident George Long purchased the property in 1914 (approximately 107 acres) and in 1938, George Long and his wife, Sarah, deeded the farm, dwellings and outbuildings to their son, William, who established the Southampton Nurseries.


William Long, a self-taught botanist, used his nursery to introduce new species of trees and shrubs into the Philadelphia area in the 1950's.  Today, large, 60 year old specimens of exotic trees, left over from the nursery, give Tamanend Park its special character.  There is a Sequoia Giganteum, found near the tennis courts and three Dawn Redwoods grow behind the gazebo.


In 1974, Southampton Township, together with Centennial School District (and state funding) purchased 102.36 acres as Southampton's Community Park.  The name "Tamanend" honors the Lenape Indian chief, Tamanend.


Tamanend Park contains a circa 1740 farmhouse, carriage house and barn.